Caring for your little one during monsoon: 10 tips for new parents

Caring for your little one during monsoon: 10 tips for new parents

All the good things rain brings with it, it also carries diseases. Read to know how you can prioritise kids’ health with these tips.
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The pitter-patter of the rain is what all of us look forward to. Monsoon is such a happy relief from summers and the heat.

But with the rain and all the relief comes moisture, humidity, and uninvited guests. Guests like diseases-laden bugs and mosquitoes. With all of this happening, childcare becomes all the way more important.

We cannot control the weather but we sure can lend our supporting hands through these useful tips:

  1. Look out for any symptoms of cold and cough

Do not delay the paediatrician appointment if you spot any monsoon-related illness like- cold, cough, body ache or/and runny nose. It is always better to nip the infection in the bud itself rather than wait for it to become a serious health concern.

  1. Keep the surroundings clean

Look out for any water puddle in your balconies, washrooms, corners, garden area and everywhere else, as it can give rise to mosquitoes and other bugs. Also, continuous dampness in a particular area is a preferable condition for fungus to grow, which can result in fungal infection.  Keep your surroundings dry and clean.

  1. Regular nappy change

If you’re outdoor with your little one, make sure to check the diaper more often than you already do to avoid the child getting cold or rashes due to moisture. When indoors, you can let the baby be nappy-free nappy longer durations. Anything that catches moisture can be a prospective breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

  1. Go for warmer clothing

Regular rainfall brings two major changes, one good and one bad. The good is that the temperature goes down and it’s a great relief from the sultry heat, especially in tropical climate areas. And the bad change is that the air is filled with moisture, so it let the heat escape. This weird combination of hot and cold is not great mostly for young kids. The infant apparel must be made from thick cotton/organic fabric or light wool (knitted) fabric so it can adapt to changing temperatures.

  1. Choose light-weight fabrics

The moisture in the air makes newborn clothes or any clothing item for that matter difficult to dry rapidly. Which can make kidswear slightly damp. This is not the ideal condition in which a baby should be in. Lighter and breathable fabrics will make sure that the baby is dry for a longer time. One way to keep clothes drier for longer is running iron through it.

  1. Keep the baby clean

Well keeping the surrounding will not help if the baby is not clean. Make sure to wipe your baby regularly. Check for folds, genitals, ears and armpits, areas that are more prone to trap moisture from the environment.

  1. A healthy diet for breastfeeding moms

A child gets all essential nutrition, antibodies, and other good things from mother’s milk. A healthy mother with a healthy diet can pass on these nutrients to the child. Make sure you’re eating right for your and your baby’s health.

  1. Feed safe and healthy foods to the baby

Try avoiding feeding your child anything from outside until you’re not sure of the ingredients and cooking conditions. It is always preferable if you can carry water bottles, formula foods and other snackable from home only.

  1. Avoid dirty places and always carry sanitiser with you

We sometimes are stuck in places that wouldn’t score 100 marks when it comes to hygiene. In such situations, it is better if you carry a sanitiser and clean water to wash your hands. Do not forget to carry wipes to clean your baby.

  1. Avoid getting drenched in rain

This comes as a no-brainer. But, with kids, it can get difficult. They would want to run around and play. If rain is totally not unavoidable, alternate it with a warm bath at home and do not forget to clean and towel dry completely.

Having said that, there is something about monsoon and the rain that brings smiles to everyone’s faces. And for kids, it is a whole experience. If you keep in mind these baby care tips, you and your little one can sure have some fun times. After all it’s only two-month weather, it is important to make the most of it.