What to look for when buying new clothes for your baby?

What to look for when buying new clothes for your baby?

Buying anything new for your little one can be slightly confusing as you want it to be as perfect as it can get, especially clothing. It's the closest thing to your baby's delicate skin. Read to find out essential factors you must consider while shopping.
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One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is having a baby. The cute little being brings so much joy to your existence and you have the desire to provide them with the best of your abilities, clothing included.

Buying anything new for your little one is an investment, especially clothing items, as chances are they will grow out of it before you know it. So, in such a case, it’s a good idea to consider various factors that will guide you to make the best possible decision because you would want an item to last you a long time.

Check out these tips that will come in handy when you’re shopping for your munchkin:


We know you wanted us to address this elephant. Sizing for little kids can cause a great deal of confusion. As someone who grew up in 90s and early 2ks, we were usually wearing a size or two bigger than us because a child would obviously grow out of it. This is true generally. However, a lot also depends on your daily observation of your child. Most kids will fit into the standard sizing, and some might need a size bigger or smaller. Try the sizes basis of basic pieces before coming to any conclusion. Start looking for factors like- elasticated clothing, adjustable fastening etc. Also, if you feel like your baby might outgrow a size soon, it’s better to size up than to have a bunch of clothes lying around just after getting one use. Do not buy a size too big or too tight, it can make the baby uncomfortable and prone to tripping and falling.


Like us adults, some kids are sensitive to a specific material or feeling on their skin. Make sure you are testing the fabric and the quality on your skin before putting it on your baby. If it feels rough to you, it probably will feel the same to your baby. Always listen to your child, if he/she hesitates while wearing certain items from the wardrobe, most probably it’s the feel of the fabric they don’t approve of.


The functionality of clothing depends highly on how easy it is to put on, how many uses can that item get and whether it’s making diaper changing times effortless or a nightmare. The incorporation of safe buttons and poppers in kidswear can be such a blessing to parents who struggle with dressing and undressing their kids. The items that have certain elements that can be used with different outfits for different occasions will ensure that you’re saving yourself the hassle of buying new clothing each time and can make use of what’s available at home.


This is the least discussed topic in the kidswear range but requires equal attention. You do not want your kids loaded up with clothing that has to either go to dry cleaners or has an extensive washing process. Instead, you would want to make it as simple as it gets. Being a parent in itself is a hand-to-mouth process, and you wouldn’t want to pile up another task to it. Try looking for clothing items that can be easily washed and dried at home. The washing instruction will let you know the process and if it's extensive, you might want to find something that’s easier to maintain.


Your kids are learning so much about the world- about you, their surroundings, and the activities around them. So, their clothing must include different shapes and colours so they can identify more things.  Some might tell you that aesthetics is not everything when it comes to kidswear, and that is absolutely true, but it does not mean that you should ignore them. As long as your baby’s clothes are comfortable, non-restrictive and the right size, aesthetics can be a great add-on.


Happy Shopping!