We are here to make our way to your baby’s heart by giving them the means to style, comfort and functionality.
“Each product is designed and crafted with the most imaginative and thoughtful inputs by the experts”

Founded by new parents themselves, every single product comes from personal experience and professional expertise. Made using the finest fabric, stitched to a comfortable fit followed by 100% safety measures, we only believe in perfect, exactly what your little ball of joy deserves.

”We have worked hard to make Somersault clothing the second-best thing to snuggle your baby after your warm hugs”


To begin with, who knows better about the comfort and needs of a new baby than parents themselves? We know how our hearts get filled with butterflies everytime their frown is upside down.
Our brand is built by five parents, who are passionate about the flair, comfort and safety of the kids. Somersault comes with an array of functional and intelligently designed garments without compromising on the style front, which is still a new concept in India.
We take pride in creating garments that are practical to fit the needs of newborns, toddlers and their parents alike.