Role of clothes in developing kids’ personality

Role of clothes in developing kids’ personality

Sometimes ignored, clothing has a major role to play in your child’s life during their growing years.
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“Babies are such a nice way to start people.”

Famously and accurately quoted by the famous illustrator and cartoonist Don Herold, babies are technically just a start of a whole new person. And so, personality development begins as soon as the baby sees the light of this new world.

There will be numerous times when you will catch yourself thinking, is this best for my child? Or am I doing enough? Or am I not doing enough? As a parent or soon-to-be parent, we are sometimes obsessively worried about how well we are providing for our child, especially with their mental well-being and personality development. There’s so much to learn and adapt to each day!

Sometimes ignored, clothing has a major role to play in your child’s life during their growing years. But before putting this thought into action, it is essential to understand how choosing your nestling’s clothes and planning their dressing can affect their personality development. Let us dig in further to unwind more on this topic.


When we talk about an individual, although dressing sense does not wholly expose who they are, but, it does tell a tale about their personality. This, of course, has an influence on a child’s mind and their growth too.

The key is not to put pressure of your preference but teach them what would work best and then let them add their creativity as they grow. This practice will help them grow into their own individual personality eventually.

Childhood is the best time to train and cultivate any specific habit or concept. So, it becomes vital to introduce how different sizes, materials and colours of clothing can make an effect.

It’s of utmost importance that you also set an example for your child, to ensure they get comfortable in whatever it is they choose to wear – as per their mood.

How does the fitting of clothes affect kids?

The child needs to have an understanding that clothes are made for them, to suit their needs and not vice versa. No one should try to fit into clothes because of external factors but solely because it fits them and suits their personality.

Wearing tighter or loose-fitting clothes can make the child conscious about their body type, weight and other physical factors. It can lead to them projecting it on others too. It is important to sow the right seeds of thoughts and perceptions in their minds about dressing, from a very early age.

Hence, well-fitted clothes help with their mental development, as they learn to not project their dressing-based biases. Which in turn can have a greater impact on their overall growing personality.

Do colours have an important role to play in a child’s life?

If you really think about it, it is pretty evident how colours hold an essential role in the child’s development and mental personality.

While dressing up your child, we do get inclined towards gender-based colours, which is alright. But we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to just those colours. Giving your child access to different colour palettes will help them with their cognitive growth. It will also allow them enough space to choose the colours that they prefer based on their comfort and personality.

Clothing is their second skin

and it should be about comfort and individuality.

It is important to teach your kid these two vital concepts because the failure of it can have a negative impact on their growth.

No matter what fitting or colour you may choose, a child’s comfort is always the key. It becomes crucial to interact with them from a very early age to figure out if they are comfortable and understand the concept of comfort while dressing up. Trust us, it will have a positive impact on their personality as they age.

Also, as your child grows, let your kid choose what they want to wear and never dismiss their thoughts even if you think it is not appropriate for the occasion. Make them understand the concept and how dressing up differently for different occasions creates an impact. This will bring up their individuality.

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